Thursday, November 15, 2012

Never again... hopefully

Alright. so, ya'll keep telling me to post pictures of my projects and I just keep ignoring you.
But not today! I finally hung my upper cabinets!
I'm pretty proud of this one.
They don't look like much now, but they're going to be exactly what i wanted when I'm done.
 Not only did I hang these, but I hung them TWICE.
 After hanging them the first time and swearing I'd never do it again, I realized that they were supposed to be two inches deeper. So down they came. 
I had to built two-inch extension frames to put behind them, mount those on the wall and then re-hang the cabinets on top of those. yuck.
But they're up and almost ready for paint!
I already painted the doors and let me tell you, that paint sprayer and I are NOT friends.
Pray for me.


Tess said...

haha maybe I should actually clean up my mess a little before I take pictures! don't judge.

Diana said...

I didn't see the mess! Promise. Tess, I'm impressed.

Jayne said...

We don't judge, we're siblings. I've known you since before I can remember. And I'm totally jealous of construction mess.

JoAnn said...

I pray for you every day

Bethanie said...

Hi Tess, how's it going? Just wanted to say that I miss you guys and also want to ask when the next time I'll see you again.


P.S. Your blog is getting a little boring.
P.S. Again My snake took a dump on me on Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays!

Hanna Amero said...

"But couldn't we flip the house
so the back is in front?
Put the front on a hinge so I can
get in with a garage door opener? Yes, we can. We'll just have to
Move the cabinets."

You're just like Sleepless in Seattle! :)

Jayne said...

Ha ha, Hanna! You win. Love that show.

Tess. It's pretty bad when the comments get more interesting than the blog. You have things to blog about! And, uh... Nothing else to do, right? ;)

gr.nette said...

you are awesome